Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses - Optometrist Toronto - Bay St. EyecareWe offer disposable and non-disposable contact lenses for single vision, bifocal, astigmatism, gas permeable and hard materials in name brands such as J&J, Cibavision, Bausch & Lomb, Coopervision, etc.

We also offer custom contact lenses to mask corneal distortion due to surgery, trauma or disorders ie. keratoconus as well as on-line re-ordering of replacement lenses including delivery.

All contact lenses  dispensed through our office require a fitting since we believe it is a crucial part of wearing contact lenses safely. This enables us to give a guarantee* on any contact lens dispensed through our office. Contact lens fittings include assessment of the contact lens on the eye using a microscope, removal of the contact lens, and the addition of a fluorescein dye to the eye, to see if the contact lens has caused any irriatation or scratches to the surface. This process is viewed under the microscope again.

*Guarantee refers to exchange of contact lenses due to a change in prescription, change in comfort level or change in health.